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     If our office decides to take on your property tax case, we will ask you to sign a contract that allows our company to represent you in front of the Shelby County Tax Assessor, the Shelby County Board of Equalization, and/or the State Board of Equalization. You are then a client of Mallory Property Tax Advisors, and we will advocate for you in getting your property taxes lowered.

We charge a $250 upfront fee, and 25% of the first year's savings.

The upfront fee includes researching tools/data collection, time, travel (if needed), and collections. Once this fee has been paid, we research your property to determine various factors that affect value (examples include location influences, external obsolescence, deferred maintenance), research sales in the area that are similar, present this data to the Assessor's Office in the form of an Informal Review, communicate with the appraiser assigned to your property from the Assessor's Office, and make the case for lowering your property tax burden. If an acceptable value cannot be achieved with negotiations with the Assessor's Office, a meeting before the Shelby County Board of Equalization will be scheduled, to plead our case before the board.

Once the Shelby County Tax Assessor, or Shelby County Board of Equalization, determines the new value and mails notification to the taxpayer, payment of 25% of the tax savings will be due. For example, if we are able to reduce your yearly property taxes by $400, you would owe $100.

If interested in my services, send me an email to

[email protected]

Please include:

1) Property Address/Parcel number

2) Level of improvements/updates to the kitchen and bathrooms (include pictures if you can)

3) Any significant improvements, such as addition/added square footage/pool/guest house

4) Any significant deferred maintenance (peeling paint/rot wood/unfinished projects)

5) Number of bedrooms and baths

6) Any recent appraisal (whether for refinance purposes, sale purposes, or tax appeal purposes) completed on the property between 01/01/2019-01/01/2021.

7) Your name and phone number

I will research your property, and take a look at sales, and let you know by email if I believe I can help you.

Contact us BY EMAIL AT [email protected]

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Disclaimer: Mallory Property Tax Advisors is a valuation service firm specializing in assessment appeals advocacy consulting. We are acting as tax agents, not appraisers, in this service. In contrast, an appraisal is an unbiased opinion of value for which contingent fees are prohibited.